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Ice Climbing

PERU HUARAZ CLIMBING CORDILLERA BLANCA, specialized in the Organization of PERU HUARAZ CLIMBING CORDILLERA BLANCA, operators have a team of professional work experience in the field of tourism of high mountain, whose main objective is to provide quality, safety and warranty on all of our services, in this way, meet the expectations and demands of the customer. We will help you to organize your Tours program in bus, conventional Tours, Trekking, Climbing, hiking, climbing in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash ice as well as in Cusco - Arequipa - Puno - Huaraz, Peru.




The summits of Cordillera Blanca constitute one of the most attractive targets for climbers world over. Ice climbing is popular here due to the ease of access which allows doing various climbs and coming back to the town of Huaraz to rest between climbs. The climbs range from short climbs of a few hours to unexplored vertical faces of rock and ice, little frequented by climbers. Ice climbing activity is one of the most important tourist activity, but has some important requirements. Since Peru is one of the best well-known countries in the world for alpinism, it's necessary to make known these requirements for safe climbing.


 Weather is the principal factor that determines the best time to climbsafely. For example, for climbing south or southeast rock faces, May and June are the best months. For the normal climbing routes, any time from May to August is adequate.

Access to trailheads is fast and easy. There are dirt roads up to small villages at the base of the mountains. From there, one can start the climb without logistical problems. From Huaraz one finds local transportation to most villages at the base of the mountains.

Less experienced climbers can contact our agency “ENRIQUE EXPEDITION TOURS“ to assist with technical gear and logistics, as well as to hire a mountain guide, porter, cook, donkeys or to organize transportation and food. We also sell maps of Cordillera Blanca, and offer to the climbers freeinformation on the routes, and the latest condition of the routes (ice and snow) at the moment of the climb.

During the daytime on the climbs, thin layers and waterproof/windproof layers are sufficient.

On extremely technical climbs, gathering necessary information on the condition of the route, and choosing an adequate route according to experience and gear, is imperative.

On difficult climbs, aluminum snow stakes of 90cm. ormore are necessary to secure fixed rope. Occasionally the snow is not firm and there may be avalanche danger.

The basic climbing gear consists of: plastic boots, ice axes, ropes and other technical gear depending on the route chosen.

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Map of the Expedition of the Ascent of Mount HUASCARAN Peru


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